The Hijab Style Guide

Are you a new to wearing a hijab? Trying to figure out what style suits you best? Or have you been wearing the hijab for a while and seeking new ways to refresh your style?

Either way, the Naturally Nida Hijab Styling Guide is sure to help! This digital guide will provide you all the information you need on various hijab styles.

The Casual Chic

This look was inspired by Turkish women who frequently style their hijabs this way. You can also use this style to tuck in your hijab into a t-shirt or hoodie for a more causal yet relaxed feel. You will need an under cap and hijab magnet to style this look.

The Classic Wrap

This timeless style is what you are most likely to see women wearing all around the world. It's an easy wrap around, on one end and tuck in on the other.  Leaving a beautiful drape to frame your face. It's a classic for a reason! You can attain this look with just a hijab magnet and under cap. To keep it extra secure you may use a pin.

The Nida

The Nida is our founder's signature look. This over-the-shoulder style is the simplest of them all. Ideal for a seamless everyday look. It only needs an undercap and a hijab magnet to keep secure.